Introduction to Cosmetic Stature Lengthening

Introduction to Cosmetic Stature Lengthening

Author: Dimitrios Giotikas MD, PhD

Stature lengthening is a cosmetic surgical procedure which aims to increase the body height of the patient.
Its two main indications are height dysphoria and constitutional short stature. Height dysphoria is a neurotic disorder of unhappiness about someone’s height. Constitutional short stature is defined as stature shorter than two standard deviations (SD) form the mean for agiven population, without any underlying clinical cause. Stature lengthening is achieved by slowly lengthening the lower limbs. This is done by carefully breaking either the femur or the tibia and then gradually lengthen (distract) them over an intramedullary motorized telescopic nail or an external fixator circular frame Both methods utilize the principle of distraction osteogenesis according to which new bone is formed across the constantly distracted bone parts.

Cosmetic stature lengthening is a constant mental and physical challenge for the patient.  What takes a few years for the nature to achieve, we do in few months. Because of its complexity and risks of complications stature lengthening for cosmetic purposes is still considered a controversial treatment. Careful pre-operative planning, meticulous execution of the surgery, close follow-up and experience in the assessment of bone consolidation and weight bearing progression during the recovery period, are all,required to minimize the possibility of adverse events and/or to intervene promptly and efficiently if needed.

In Athens BJR, we have structured our care around the need to support the patient physically and mentally through all phases of lengthening. The structured care of our professionals along with the unique surroundings of the Greek landscape and the ample Mediterranean sunlight offer an unsurpassed soothing, supportive and encouraging environment for your recovery.

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