Athens Bone & Joint Reconstruction Centre (AthensBJR) is an international orthopaedic centre specializing in limb reconstruction and knee surgery.

Our motto: “We Know How To Care…” summarizes our principles and strengths in formulating and delivering the safest and most efficient treatment to your orthopaedic problems:

  • Internationally accredited clinical expertise and specialized experience.
  • State-of-the-art, European-Union-Certified hospital facilities.
  • Care affordable to the many.
  • Unique location with soothing ample Mediterranean sunlight in Greece.


  • " ...Thank you again for all of your highly skilled, caring, thoughtful, kind dedication. It has been a great honour to have met you and to have you as my consultant ... "

    JH, United Kingdom
  • "...Professional and caring, he will spend time with you to make sure your confident with the process and all your needs are met. Very helpful."
    iwantgreatcare, Cambridge, UK
  • "...Finally, I don't think I ever properly thanked you. I never thought I would be where I am today and I think going to Athens was one of the best decisions I made."
    YW, USA
Our Location

We are located in Athens, Greece, European Union. The nearest airport is Athens International Airport (AIA)

What takes years for the nature to achieve, we do in a few months. With a substantial limb reconstruction and complex trauma experience in some of the flagship trauma centers of NHS in Cambridge and Oxford, Dr Dimitrios Giotikas has the expertise to deliver a safe surgery, prevent arising complications, coach the patients through their recovery, and intervene promptly when needed…

If your mobility has progressively reduced and you feel knee pain even while resting you may benefit from a knee replacement surgery. Adults of any age can be considered for a knee replacement. Recent advances in robotic surgery and peri-operative protocols secure a reliable implant positioning and the fastest recovery with only one night hospital stay…


More Data about Stryde-related Bone Lesions from Dr Giotikas

We are pleased to announce that the abstract of the research on the biocompatibility of Stryde, that Dr Giotikas presented at the Annual Meeting of British Limb Reconstruction Society (BLRS) in March 2022 in Brighton UK, has now been published in Bone& Joint Orthopaedic Proceedings Journal. Concluding his talk, Dr Giotikas said: “… In my […]

Dr D.Giotikas at the Annual Conference of British Limb Reconstruction Society, March 2022, Brighton, UK

We are pleased to announce that Dr Dimitrios Giotikas has been invited at the Annual Meeting of British Limb Reconstruction Society (BLRS) to present the results of his research study:  “BIOCOMPATIBILITY OF PRECISE STRYDE® LENGTHENING NAIL: A RADIOLOGICAL AND CLINICAL ANALYSIS” . The congress will take place on 24-25 March 2022 at Brighton, United Kingdom.   […]

Introduction of X-os G-(Guichet) Nail

Dr Giotikas and Athens Bone & Joint Reconstruction Centre are pleased to announce that femoral lengthening with G-Nail (Designed by Dr Jean Marc Guichet and Manufactured by X-os Ltd in Switzerland, EU) is introduced for clinical use to our practice in August 2021. Following the anticipated prolonged unavailability of Stryde nail and the uncertainty about […]

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Athens Bone & Joint Reconstruction Centre
Mediterraneo Hospital, Level A
8-12, Ilias Street
16675, Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 9117000
Mon-Fri:09.00-21.00 (Time zone: UTC+02.00)

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