Pre-operative Assessment and Planning

The time before your treatment is the time for our doctors to assess your symptoms and needs in order to suggest safe, efficient and personalized treatment options for your condition.

Depending on your condition and location, this assessment may be done with an online or physical consultation, clinical examination, x-rays and CT scans and, in some cases, with blood tests.

At the same time, patients and their families need to start preparing for their trip to Athens and their treatment.  You need to start thinking about:

  • Approximate dates for your treatment.
  • The length of stay in Greece after your treatment.
  • Flights to Athens.
  • Any visa requirements.
  • Your accommodation in Athens.
  • Any arrangements that you need to make in relation to your job, finance, children or other protected members of your family. ​​

At Athens BJR, we strongly believe in a good rapport between the doctor and the patient and we think that live interaction is second to none. For this reason, a consultation will take place before your treatment. Depending on your condition, location and preference this consultation can be done online or at the hospital in Athens. The easiest way to book a consultation is through our booking page:

Upon booking the consultation, we will email you a questionnaire about your medical history which you should complete and email back to us before the consultation date. During the consultation Dr Giotikas will ask you questions about your condition and how it has affected your daily life. You will also have the opportunity to discuss all your thoughts and concerns about the proposed treatment. The language of the consultation can be either English or Greek. If you prefer any other language, we can arrange for a registered interpreter to help out.

At the end of the consultation Dr Giotikas may request x-rays, a CT scan or other tests, if they are deemed appropriate for decision making and planning of your treatment. Some of these scans or tests may need to be done and sent to us prior to your arrival to Athens or some others may be done in Athens upon your arrival.

This section is under construction.

Personalized quote for your treatment

After the online consultation and when all relevant information about your condition is available to us, we will email you:

  • Our suggested treatment plan for your condition.
  • A price quote for your treatment and payment instructions.
  • The available dates for treatment, closest to your preference.
  • The informed Consent/Agreement-to-Treatment form.
  • Useful information about your trip.

We will keep these dates available provisionally for one week. When you review the report please decide about your preferred surgery date, and email it back to us. If you have questions, further online or phone consultations can be arranged.

When your surgery date is booked it is the time to start the exercises to bring your body to the best condition for the surgery and to book your flights and accommodation.


All payments should be concluded prior to your arrival to Greece.  Payments can be made by direct money transfer to bank account. An  itinerary will be sent to your email address upon confirmation of payment.

Flight Booking
Nowadays is very easy to book your flights online by yourself
If you prefer someone else to arrange this for you, can ask our trusted concierge service to help you with this and with other aspects of your journey.
When you book your flights, please bear in mind that you need  to come to the the hospital on the day before your surgery for your final pre-op checks and anasthetic assessment.
Visa Requirements

Greece is a Member-State of the European Union and has signed the Schengen Agreement. While traveling within the E.U., you only need your Identity card. However, a passport is necessary for a number of other transactions, such as currency exchange, purchases, etc.

Visas are not required by European citizens from countries that are part of the Schengen Area. Greece as a member of the Schengen Agreement, has abolished controls on common internal lands, at air and sea borders and allows Member-State citizens to travel around without a visa for a short stay period of up to three (3) months. However, keep in mind that airlines and other carriers require a valid passport and/or identity card.

Citizens coming from countries that have not yet joined Schengen Area may require a visa to enter Greece. The E.U. visitors from these countries can acquire further information from the Hellenic Embassies or Consulates in their countries, or from their travel agencies. Before visiting Greece, please consult the detailed information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website and find out whether you require a Visa.

All patients who come to Athens for limb reconstruction procedures ( including cosmetic limb lengthening)  need to stay in one of the following hotels (or Airbnb apartments within 10 min walking distance from the hotels)  for at least the first 4 weeks after their discharge from the hospital.

We have included a budget option and a more boutique option to satisfy all preferences, lifestyles and budgets. They are all in the same area in Athens  and they all provide regular cleaning service, towels and bedsheets,  easy access to all spaces with a wheelchair or crutches, breakfast and a nice restaurant for your meals. When you contact them, please let them know that you are one of our patients so that they offer you our arranged price.

4-star Novotel Athenes: The current discounted price for our patients is approximately 72-86  euro/day (depending on the season). There are options for breakfast and meals.


Grand Hyatt Athens 5 star hotelThe discounted price for our patients in Athens is 114 euro/day with breakfast included. Please contact them at and let them know that you are one of our patients so that they can offer you our arranged price.

Please note that prices may vary slightly within the year.

At these locations we offer:

  • Regular daily nursing support 6 days a week as needed.
  • Regular routes with a taxi to the physiotherapy centre and back.
  • Indoors Exercise bicycle.

After the 4-week period, provided that your nursing support needs and your independence has improved, if you wish you can move to another accommodation in Athens for the remainder of your stay or continue staying in the hotel.

You can contact the hotels directly for your bookings. Please let them know that you are our patient so that they can offer you the discounted prices. Please copy us ( in your communications with them so that we help with your requests if needed.
Chinese, Asian, Greek, Mediterranean, American and Continental European Cuisine menus are available for delivery.
An alternative option is airbnb apartments within 10 min walking distance from the above mentioned hotels. If you choose this option let us know the exact address of your booking. You should be looking for an apartment with:
  • Air conditioning,
  • Wi-fi,
  • Easy access to the bathroom (Preferrably shower tub rather than bath tub)
  • Not many stairsteps between the public pavement and the entrance of the apartment (up to 3-6 stairsteps is manageable).
When you find some flats that you like, you can send us the links so that we advise you on their suitability.
Patients who are scheduled for knee surgery can also stay at the hotels above or they can  consider one of the following hotels with confirmed wheelchair/crutches  accessibility nearer to Mediterraneo Hospital.
If you need personalized help with finding/booking your accommodation in Athens, our concierge service will be happy to assist you.

When you arrive in Athens airport, you can take one of the many taxi cars  just outside the terminal to take you to your accommodation.

You can spend the first day in Athens to settle in your new accommodation, unpack your luggage, establish internet connections and  maybe go out for a walk to orientate yourself to your new neghborhood (i.e try to locate the nearest supermarket, grocery shop, coffe shop, Metro underground train station or ATM machine).

A member of our team will contact you to welcome you and make sure that you have arrived and settled in well in Athens.

On the day of your pre-op checks,  please use a taxi or other public transport to arrive at Mediterraneo hospital (see address on map) at the scheduled time. Please check -in at the reception (information desk) of the hospital and you will be directed further. Please bring with you:

  • A proof of ID (i.e your passport or national ID card).
  • Means of payment, if you have already arranged to pay part of your treatment package with cash or credit/debit cards.