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Thank you for your interest in the Athens Bone & Joint Reconstruction Centre. Booking online is the fastest way to secure your clinic appointment or online consultation. You can also request an appointment or online consultation by calling our office at 0030 210 911 70 00 . Mon-Fri:  09.00-18.00  (UTC+02.00).

About online consultations

For our online consultations we adhere to the guidelines from Australian Medical Board about “Technology Based Consultations” and from British General Medical Council (GMC) about “Prescribing guidance: Remote prescribing via telephone, video-link or online”. This means that we will:

  • Reserve the right to judge whether or not an online consultation is appropriate means for the clinical assessment of your medical condition. No charges will be made in case we decide that an online consultation is not appropriate for you.
  • Confirm your identity at each consultation. This includes that we may ask you about your social security, national ID or Passport Number.
  • Explain to you every step of the process about how the online consultation is going to be conducted and documented.
  • Ask you questions about your current medical condition and past medical history, and current or recent use of medications, including non-prescription medications in order to identify the likely cause of your condition, ensure that there is sufficient clinical justification for the proposed treatment and ensure that the proposed treatment is not contra- indicated.
  • Accept ultimate responsibility for evaluating clinical information gathered by a third party who may have taken a history from, or examined, the patient.
  • Give you clear advice about the further management of your condition and the need for medical follow-ups.
  • Apply UK GMC principles for obtaining your informed consent, protecting your privacy and your rights to confidentiality.
  • Prepare a medical report of your consultation in PDF format which we keep in our records and also send to you and to your General Practicioner or Family Doctor (if you have one) within two working days.
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