After your discharge from the hospital you will be transferred either to to your  apartment or  to the Rehabilitation Centre if you have chosen to have your physiotherapy as an inpatient there.

At Rehabilitation Centre
When you arrive at the Rehab Centre you will be allocated to your bed and will be helped with the orientation of the facilities. Your rehabiltitation program will depend on your condition and type of operation. Dr Giotikas gives clear instructions about the operative details and the weight bearing status and, together with the physiatrist and head physiotherapist of the rehabilitation centre, formulate a personalized rehabilitation protocol with clearly defined goals and timings.
The generic goal of rehabilitation is the restoration of normal function of the limb. This includes:

  • Management of postoperative pain and soft tissue swelling
  • Restoration of range of movement of the affected joints
  • Strengthening of the muscles
  • Improvement of the proprioception  of the limb.

This is where the patient, with the support and help of the physio team, becomes the primary factor for success as their determination and willingness will bring the best functional outcomes.
The psychologist of Athens BJR along with the beautiful and relaxing surroundings at our rehabilitation centres, the appropriate leisure activities and the carefully planned diet greatly help patient maintain a positive , holiday type mood along with the satisfying feeling that their daily efforts during physio sessions pay off. That way, improvement is noticeable very soon!

When you settle at your accommodation, you will start your physiotherapy program with the assistance and guidance of our dedicated physio team. You will need to have made arrangements for food and cleaning services. You will have emergency contact numbers to get in touch with the surgeon, the hospital and the physio team. Our dedicated team third party ventors will help you with the practicalities of the every day living whilst in Greece.

Now is the time when the patient with the support and help of the physio team becomes the primary factor for success as their determination and willingness will bring the best functional outcomes.
The psychologist of AthensBJR along with the beautiful and relaxing surroundings of seaside Athens and the appropriate leisure activities greatly help patient maintain a positive , holiday-like mood along with the satisfying feeling that their daily efforts pay off and improvement is noticeable very soon.

Depending on your condition and the type of surgery, there will be a specified schedule of follow-up consultations by your surgeon or a member of their team. On the day that you leave the hospital, you will be given a detailed diary with the exact days and times of your follow-up appointments. Of course, if necessary, your doctor will see you anytime sooner.

The number of these follow-up consultations and their time intervals vary according your condition and type of surgery. Generally, the follow-up appointments are scheduled as follows:

  • 7th postoperative day- We need to check that the surgical wound or wounds are healing normally
  • 15th postoperative day – We remove the stitches from wounds ( Although we usually use cosmetic absorbable suturing technique which does not require removal)
  • 4th postoperative week after your operation. X-rays and functional assessment.

Dr Giotikas or a member of the team is always approachable over the phone or whatsapp/wechat, 24/7, in case you feel that you need urgent medical advice or treatment.

Mediterraneo hospital has appropriate medical expertise and facilities available on 24/7 basis for the management of all post-operative emergencies.

Ambulance service for emergency cases is also provided by Mediterraneo hospital 24/7.

A personal assistant service is available at your request during your stay in Athens. Just let us know 48 hours in advance be emailing to and we can sort it for you.
You can hire a certified nurse/personal assistant as often as you wish to help you with your shower and personal hygiene, to tidy up your accommodation, to do grocery shopping and cook for you. Halal meat is available in Athens. You can place food orders by phone or online apps and have the food delivered at your door.

Recovery after surgery is a challenging period for both the body and the mind. The body requires increased amounts of energy as it heals the wounds from the surgical interventions and gradually regains its functionality. At the same time, the mind is challenged by the disturbance of the usual daily routine, the difficulty in moving, the loss of independence, the pain and the obligation to follow a strict rehabilitation program, day in-day out.

Filling the hours of the day that you are not exercising with pleasant leisure activities amplifies any discomfort from physiotherapy, destructs your mind from the difficulties of recovery and helps maintain a pleasant mood and a positive feeling for each day.

Some leisure activities may also be part of your rehabilitation program (i.e. light walking, swimming) making the whole recovery process even easier. Dr Dimitrios Giotikas will advise you on which leisure activities are allowed or might even be helpful for your condition at each recovery phase.

During your stay in Greece, our trusted third-party vendors are always willing to help you organize a personalized plan of leisure activities, including:

  • Guided tours (walking or wheeled) to historical places.
  • Shopping and leisure activities in Athens and in the Greek islands.
  • Yacht Cruises
  • Tickets, reservations for museums, art or cultural events​
  • Beauty and wellness treatments for patients and/or family

With appropriately tailored leisure activities the post-surgery period becomes an amazing opportunity for relaxation, rejuvenation and self-reflection, which in turn, helps the body to recover better.

When your treatment plan in Greece has been completed you will have a farewell consultation at Athens BJR. At the end of this consultation you will be provided with:

  1. A medical report in English stating your diagnosis, treatments given, type and sizes of implants used, any adverse events and treatments given. Further instructions on physiotherapy, weight bearing status, return to work and daily activities and driving ability. This report is to be used by your family doctor or any other health professional or committee might continue your care or need to assess your condition.
  2. A schedule of any further online consultations with the doctors of AthensBJR. For some conditions (i.e. limb lengthening), further online consultations with Dr Giotikas are necessary at regular intervals. For other conditions (i.e. knee replacements, ACL reconstructions) we only collect a questionnaire of patient-reported outcome measurements (PROM’s) at annual intervals.
  3. Athens BJR contact numbers and emails to be used by you and by any health professional or insurance company who would like to contact us directly.