Consolidation Phase

 Consolidation Phase

Author: Dimitrios Giotikas MD, PhD

When the lengthening of the bone to the planned length has been completed, the newly formed callus (We call it “Regenerate”) needs time to strengthen and to convert to normal bone with satisfactory weight bearing ability. This is called consolidation.

During the consolidation phase, if you have a Precise Nail, you will continue to walk with weight bearing restrictions. (With Ilizarov frame you will already have been fully weight bearing since  after the surgery).

Every two weeks, you need to have an x-ray which needs to be sent to Dr Giotikas to review.
The assessment of progression of consolidation from the x-rays is done by observing characteristic patterns of changes on the bone “density”. It requires experience and it is now that mistakes from lack of training and experience may lead to implant failures, re-fractures and other disastrous adverse events which  jeopardize the previous efforts  of the patient or may even result in permanent disability.

A few days after you have sent the x-ray, you will have an online consultation with Dr Giotikas, where you will be being given updated weight-bearing instructions depending on the progress of the consolidation. Other problems or concerns you may have, will also be discussed. As per our standard policy, a medical report of the consultation will be sent to you and to your physiotherapist. The cost of these consultations is included in the total package price.

Depending on the bone that has been lengthened, the length of the regenerate and individual parameters of the patient, full weight bearing is usually allowed between 6 and 8 weeks after the end of the lengthening phase.

Physiotherapy continues during the consolidation phase with the goal of muscle strengthening and re-education and improvement of proprioception of the limb.