Surgery for Stature Lengthening

 Surgery for Stature Lengthening

Author: Dimitrios Giotikas MD, PhD

On the day of the surgery the doctor will execute the pre-operative plan accurately and safely. Parameters like the length and thickness of the nail, the level of corticotomy, the need for tendon releases or not, will have been decided and discussed with you from before the operation.
The surgery can be done with general anaesthesia (fully asleep) or regional (spinal, epidural anaesthesia with the patient awake.)

​Blood Loss
Blood loss is usually less than 500 cc per leg which is safe. We use approved protocols to monitor the blood loss in real time so we can intervene promptly if needed. We use NICE protocols to minimize the blood loss and the need for transfusion (See more). Transfusion is necessary in approximately 25% of  cases. Mediterraneo Hospital has a state of the art blood transfusion unit certified by ISO and Temos (See more).

Pain Management
For the first 24 hours you will have continuous pain control with a special device which you will control fully. It is called PCA (patient -Controlled Analgesia). It practically means that you will be having a little device with a button which you will push whenever you feel that the pain increases. The device is set to administer a certain amount of pain control medicine each time you press the button. Don’t worry it is set to pause automatically when adequate drug has been given, so it is safe if you press the button all the time! After this time our anaesthetic team

Perioperative safety
Mediterraneo hospital has all the diagnostic means to promptly diagnose any early complication and the treatment facilities to manage them according to the highest standards of efficiency and safety.