Surgical Planning

The time before the operation is the time for:

  1. The doctor to collect the necessary information and to make plans for a safe and successful surgery.
  2. The patient and their family to prepare for their treatment, mentally and physically. From a practical point of view, you need to start thinking about approximate dates for your surgery, the length of stay in Greece after your surgery, whether you prefer your rehabilitation to be as an inpatient in a rehabilitation centre or as an outpatient. You may also need to make arrangements about your job, your finance, children or other protected members of your family. ​​

Online Consultation
At Athens BJR we strongly believe in a good rapport between the doctor and the patient and we think that live interaction is second to none in succeeding this. For this reason, an online consultation will take place before your treatment. Upon booking the consultation, we will email you a questionnaire about your medical history which you should complete and email back to us before the consultation date. During the consultation Dr Giotikas will ask you questions about your condition and how it has affected your daily life. You will also have the opportunity to discuss all your thoughts and concerns about the proposed treatment. The language of the consultation can be either English or Greek.

If you prefer any other language, we can arrange for a registered interpreter. At the end of the consultation Dr Giotikas may request further tests, if they are deemed appropriate for the planning of your treatment. Some of these tests may need to be done and sent to us prior to your arrival to Athens or some others may be done in Athens upon your arrival.


Personalized quote for your treatment

After the online consultation and when all relevant information about your condition is available to us, we will email you a detailed report in PDF format with:

  • The treatment plan for your condition
  • A price quote for your treatment
  • The available dates for surgery closest to your preference.

We will keep these dates available provisionally for one week. When you review the report please decide about your preferred surgery date, and email it back to us. If you have questions, further online or phone consultations can be arranged.

When your surgery date is booked it is the time to start the exercises to bring your body to the best condition for the surgery and to book your flights and accommodation.


All payments should be concluded prior to your arrival to Greece.  Payments can be made by direct money transfer to bank account. An  itinerary will be sent to your email address upon confirmation of payment.

You can book your flights and accommodation by your self or you can ask our trusted concierge service to help you with this and with other aspects of your journey. Please bear in mind that if your surgery is scheduled for  Friday you need to fly to Greece on Wednesday, if it is scheduled for Saturday you need to fly on Thursday. ​

When you arrive in Athens one of our representatives, which will be your allocated personal assistant (PA) during your stay in Greece, will collect you at the airport and take you to the hotel or apartment. The PA will welcome you, help you with your basic orientation in the surroundings of your hotel, and give you some ideas on how to spend the rest of your first day in Athens.

If medical tests have been arranged for the day of your arrival, your personal assistant will escort you during your transportation from and back to the hotel.

Before the PA leaves you for the night, they will confirm with you the time that you need to be at the hospital the next day. The next day, they will collect you with our car from the hotel or from anywhere you prefer to escort you to the hospital and help you with the admission.