Cost & Pricing of Cosmetic Limb Lengthening

Femoral lengthening with PRECISE-2 nails: 40310 Euro

Femoral lengthening with X-Os  G-(Guichet) nails: 47845 Euro

Femoral lengthening with STRYDE*  nails: 47445 Euro

Tibia lengthening with PRECISE-2 nails: 42400 Euro

Tibia lengthening with STRYDE* nails: 48535 Euro

Tibia lengthening with TSF (Smith & Nephew) circular frames: 25315 Euro

Tibia lengthening with TSF (smith and Nephew) and Synthes Expert nail (LATN): 37200 Euro

Hybrid Internal External Tibia lengthening HYBIEX (learn more): 41800 Euro

Four segment lengthening in two stages. The second stage is scheduled at least two weeks after the first stage.

Femurs and tibias with STRYDE nails: 93045 Euro

Femurs with STRYDE and tibias with TSF frames: 68250 Euro

Femurs and tibias with PRECISE-2 nails: 78910 Euro

Femurs with PRECISE-2 and tibias with TSF frames: 64825 Euro

Femurs with PRECISE-2 and tibias with TSF frames and Synthes Expert nail (LATN): 75810 Euro​


*Stryde nails are not currently available as they have been temporarily recalled by the manufacturer. See our relevant announcement (opens in a new tab).


What is included in the above prices:

  • Pre-operative checks (blood tests, scans and anaesthetic asessement in Athens.)
  • Post-operative follow-up x-rays until completion of lengthening.
  • Full board hospital stay for 4 nights in a 3-bed bedroom.
  • Post-operative medications until completion of lengthening (Blood thinners, pain-killers, vitamin D) .
  • Medical fees (Surgeon, Anaesthetist,).
  • Implants.
  • Inpatient physiotherapy daily sessions after surgery until discharge from the hospital.
  • Outpatient physiotherapy sessions until completion of lengthening (4 times per week for 2 hours each session).
  • Crutches, wheelchair and shower stool.
  • Rehabilitation aids as needed(elastic bands, CPM machine, Orthotics, Antigravity treadmill).
  • Home nursing support and care (for 24 hours or 2 consecutive days x12hours each upon discharege from the hospital. Then once weekly for 4 hours until completion of lengthening).  Additional hiring of home caretakers can be arranged (50 euro for minimum of 4-hour session)

What is NOT included

  • Accommodation in Athens.
  • Travel expenses to and from Athens.
  • Transportations in Athens.
  • Food and other supplies during your stay in Athens.
  • Entertainment and/or Internet costs.
  • Interpreter’s/Translator’s fee (when applicable)

**Prices may change without prior notice